Business Management

The Ticket Management System That Boosts Efficiency

Introducing our robust Support Ticket Management System, designed to streamline your customer service operations and elevate your support game.

✔︎ Capture all customer inquiries – emails, chats, calls – in one unified platform.

✔︎ Route tickets efficiently, assign agents based on expertise, and ensure timely resolution.

✔︎ Foster teamwork with internal notes, file attachments, and collaborative tools within tickets.

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Powerful Project Management Software for Seamless Collaboration

Streamline your projects from ideation to execution with Unnatim’s powerful project management software. Our intuitive platform empowers teams to:

✔︎ Break down projects into manageable tasks, set deadlines, and track progress visually.

✔︎ Facilitate seamless communication with real-time updates, file sharing, and in-app messaging.

✔︎ Assign tasks, track progress, and ensure clear ownership for each team member.

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