Founder & CEO

Ariyan Saikh

Ariyan Saikh, the ingenious Founder and CEO of Unnatim, stands at the forefront of reshaping the business landscape. With over 7 years of immersive experience, his leadership embodies a fusion of visionary insight and profound industry acumen. Under his guidance, Unnatim has emerged as a beacon of innovation, pioneering transformative solutions in Banking, FinTech, Finance, and SaaS applications.

Ariyan’s unwavering dedication to excellence drives Unnatim’s commitment to revolutionizing operational paradigms. His strategic foresight and meticulous approach have propelled the company to new heights, empowering clients with unparalleled efficiency gains. As a stalwart leader orchestrating precision-driven change, Ariyan Saikh epitomizes the vanguard of a new era in tech-driven business evolution.

“As Unnatim’s Founder and CEO, I lead with innovation, empowering clients. Join us in reshaping the future of business.”

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